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Non Destructive Testing (NDT)

Structural and Weld Testing Services Ltd have experienced and qualified inspectors available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to perform Non Destructive Testing (NDT) both in house, or at a site or workshop location of your choice.

All testing is carried out using our qualified NDT procedures, that are written in accordance with the latest BS EN ISO standards, and have been verified and approved by Level 3 NDT Engineer support.

Non Destructive Testing as the name suggests, will not cause damage or affect the service life or performance of your product or weld.

The NDT methods offered by Structural and Weld Testing Services Ltd include:

- Visual Inspection
- Magnetic Particle Inspection
- Dye Penetrant Inspection
- Ultrasonic Testing of welds
- Ultrasonic Thickness Measuring for corrosion purposes
- Radiography Testing of welds
- Eddy Current Testing of welds
- Alternating Current Field Measurement (ACFM) of welds

We are also able to provide XRF positive material identification (PMI), and Borescope inspection of internal pipe work.

If you are unsure of the testing methods that are applicable for your type of product or welds, then please do not hesitate to 
contact us as one of our NDT Engineers will be happy to assist with your enquiry.


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