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Welding Training and Oxy-acetylene Awareness

Structural and Weld Testing Services Ltd boasts years of welding experience within our team, and familiarisation with all the current welding standards.

We offer tailoured training to meet your exact needs in processes including MMA (Stick), MAG, MIG, FCAW, and TIG.

Training is offered on a daily basis with no fixed amount of days.  You simply receive as much training as you need to achieve your own goal.  If you are looking to become a coded welder, we can offer you the correct qualification to match your employment target area.

In addition, we also provide Oxy-acetylene health and safety awareness courses, focusing on the risks and safety precuations associated with this process.

We feel extrememly proud when we hear of the excellent employment our trainees have achieved following time at our training school, and subsequently passing their codings with us.